Web Development

We take a comprehensive approach to web development--starting with strategy and content, to mock-up and coding. We are a team of experienced professionals working together with the goal of developing your website to not only rank higher in search engines, but genuinely deliver the best possible experience to your users.


Before anything can happen, the concept of the business, and the plan of attack must first be calibrated and put in writing/stone. Before anything can take place, the strategy must be set. Without it, you won't be traveling in a coordinated direction. And if you're attempt is not coordinated, it likely won't be efficient. Efficiency saves time and money! 


Boxes and colors--is that all there is to design? We don't think so. Not every piece of the puzzle fits together, and we want to make sure you're included in the process(, if you wish). We meticulously mock up your content and make sure it makes sense. I mean, what is marketing, besides clear communication?


And if you don't have content,
we can procure that for you as well.


Coding. This is the hard part. The hard-coding of the site. The back end. PHP, CSS, Javascript. Sometimes it's done through a template, or theme. Other times, it's custom--done by hand, from scratch. Whatever your design, however you want it, we'll get it for you. And if we can't, we'll let you know. We think transparency is key to a long-term relationship. 




With so many moving parts, eCommerce can be one of the trickiest kinds of websites to build. We have experience creating, implementing and maintaining eCommerce sites that revenue thousands of dollars a day. We create an environment conducive to comparison shopping, much like shopping at a brick-and-mortar store. If your content is incomplete, we can professionally shoot the photos, or write the copy. Shopping carts, checkout, navigation, product searches, browsing--everything is done correct by the Doctors. 


WordPress has become such a household name. It's known for it's ease, and "simplicity", but from a user experience, it's been anything but. If you want something customized outside the rigid parameters provided, [the process] becomes more like disarming a bomb. Sure, you can watch some tutorials and do it yourself. But are you sure you're doing it right? With our team of experts, you can rest assured that your project will be done correctly, and anything custom you're interested in won't need to be outsourced. 

Mobile/web applications

Through our many dealings with developers, we found it extremely difficult to get an app built for us. On several occasions, we hired freelancers to develop a custom application, and to include us in the process. Every time, though, the same thing happened--we got several weeks into the project, images of what were to be expected were submitted for review, and once the third phase of the project was paid for, the developer disappeared...leaving a functionless shell that required further development. 


Noticing this consistency in the lack of legitimacy, when we did find our winning team, we decided to hold on to them. So now you, too, can have an app built! (And be part of the process!)

Content creation

As mentioned already, we can handle the curation of content for you. "Content is king", they say, and is key to clearly, easily, and quickly communicating what you and your business are about. Of course, anyone can write a blog or a snippet of copy, and anyone can snag pictures from Google, but writing good and connecting the right images to illustrate a concept is a different story. Each and every word counts--especially when communicating to the masses, as well as SEO.

Effective Web Development Solutions

A Website For the Modern Age

We build our sites in line with the latest web design and development standards. One of the largest current standards is to ensure your website is responsive (mobile design), and works seamlessly across the expanding catalog of available devices. From Desktops, to laptops, to tablets and mobile, your customers need to be able to access your website seamlessly from any device. We build websites error-free and responsive, making them easily accessible and search engine friendly.

Quality Assurance

After we've completed the bulk of the project, and ensured the revisions you've requested are complete, we run the entire website through a series of tests to ensure quality. We don't just do our best to ensure nothing slips through the cracks--instead, we work to ensure there are no cracks in the first place.

Effective Web Development Solutions

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